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Volume 62, December 2021

Social presence in online writing instruction: Distinguishing between presence, comfort, attitudes, and learning
Mary K. Stewart

Circulatory interfaces: Perpetuating power through practices, content, and positionality
Corinne Jones

Google Docs or Microsoft Word? Master's students' engagement with instructor written feedback on academic writing in a cross-cultural setting
Murad Abdu Saeed Mohammed, Musheer Abdulwahid AL-Jaberi

“Anyone? Anyone?”: Promoting inter-learner dialogue in synchronous video courses
Kimberly Fahle Peck

Phenomenology of writing with unfamiliar tools in a semi-public environment: A case study
Philip B. Gallagher, Philippe Meister, David R. Russell

A web-based feedback platform for peer and teacher feedback on writing: An Activity Theory perspective
Sandra Tsui Eu Lam

Analyzing writing fluency on smartphones by Saudi EFL students
Bradford J. Lee, Ahmed A. Al Khateeb

Digital surveillance in online writing instruction: Panopticism and simulation in learning management systems
Eric James York

Using automated feedback to develop writing proficiency
Yue Huang, Joshua Wilson

Book Review: ePortfolios@edu what we know, what we don't know, and everything in-between, Mary Ann Dellinger and D. Alexis Hart. WAC Clearinghouse (2020)
Sandra J. Keele

Book Review: Rhetorical delivery and digital technologies: Networks, affect, electracy, Sean Morey. Routledge (2016)
Addison Lamb

Composing (with/in) extended reality: How students name their experiences with immersive technologies
Amy J. Lueck, Christine M. Bachen

Sound, captions, action: Voices in video composition projects
Janine Butler, Stacy Bick

Coalitional literacies of digital safety and solidarity: A white paper on nextGEN international listserv
Sweta Baniya, Sara Doan, Ashanka Kumari, Gavin P. Johnson, Virginia M. Schwarz

Book Review: How Writing Faculty Write: Strategies for Process, Product, and Productivity, Christine Tulley, University Press of Colorado (2018)
Teresa Scott

Book Review: Bridging the Multimodal Gap: From Theory to Practice, Santosh Khadka, J.C. Lee (Eds.). Utah State University Press, Logan, UT (2019)
Ann M. Arbaugh




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