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Volume 30, Issue 4, 2013

Letter from the Editor
Kristine Blair

The New Workof Composing: Fusing Theory and Performance (Review)
Erin Kathleen Cahill

Embodying the Writer in the Multimodal Classroom through Disability Studies
Bess Fox

Kindle in the Writing Classroom
Phoebe Acheson, Caroline Cason Barratt, Ron Balthazor

Toward a Complexity of Online Learning: Learners in Online First-Year Writing
Merry Rendahl, Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

Re-Inventing Digital Delivery for Multimodal Composing: A Theory and Heuristic for Composition Pedagogy
Chanon Adsanatham, Bre Garrett, Aurora Matzke

Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Visual Rhetoric and Circulation Studies
Laurie E. Gries

Reflecting upon the Past, Sitting with the Present, and Charting our Future: Gail Hawisher and Cynthia Selfe Discuss the Community of Computers and Composition
Estee Beck


Computers and Composition Awards

2012 Computers and Composition Award Recipients

The 2013 award recipients will be announced at the Computers and Writing Conference at Washington State University, Pullman WA, in 2014.

Hugh Burns Best Dissertation Award

Tim Lockridge, Saint Joseph's University
Beyond Invention: How Hackers Challenge Memory and Disrupt Delivery

Ellen Nold Best Article Award

Angela Haas, Illinois State University
“Race, Rhetoric, and Technology: A Case Study of Decolonial Technical Communication Theory, Methodology, and Pedagogy,” Journal of Business and Technical Communication

Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award

CHERYL BALL, Illinois State University
DEBRA JOURNET, University of Louisville
RYAN TRAUMAN, University of Louisville
The New Work of Composing, Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press.

Charles Moran Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field

GAIL HAWISHER, University of Illinois
CYNTHIA SELFE, The Ohio State University

Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Scholarship Award

SAMANTHA BLACKMON, Purdue University
ALEX LAYNE, Purdue University
"Not Your Mama's Gamer"