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Volume 38 Part A, December 2015

Letter from the Editor
Kristine L. Blair

The Evaluative Dynamics of Multimodal Composing
Ben Gunsberg

Do Digital Writing Tools Deliver? Student Perceptions of Writing Quality Using Digital Tools and Online Writing Environments
Susanne Nobles
Laura Paganucci

Identity Perfromance in Roleplaying Games
Danielle Nielsen

Eternal or Ephemera? The Myth of Permanence in Online Writing
Katelyn L. Burton

Access(ing) the Coordination of Writing Networks
Douglas M. Walls

Fluency in Writing: A Multidimensional Perspective on Writing Fluency Applied to L1 and L2
Luuk Van Waes
Marielle Leijten

Locating Queer Rhetorics: Mapping as an Inventional Method
Don Unger
Fernando Sanchez

Volume 38 Part B, December 2015 (Special Issue)
Online Writing in Global Contexts: Rethinking the Nature of Connections and Communication in the Age of International Online Media

Online Writing in Global Contexts: Rethinking the Nature of Connections and Communication in the Age of International Online Media
Kirk St. Amant
Rich Rice

Glocalization in Website Writing: The Case of MNsure and Imagined/Actual Audiences
Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

Everyday Borders of Transnational Students: Composing Place and Space with Mobile Technology, Social Media, and Multimodality
Randall W. Monty

From Cultural Markers to Global Mobile: Using Interaction Design for Composing Mobile Designs in Global Contexts
Gustav Verhulsdonck

Language, History, Politics, and Culture in Global Communication Through the Bologna Process Documentation
Diane Martinez

Wayfinding in Global Contexts - Mapping Localized Research Practices with Mobile Devices
Adam Strantz


Computers and Composition Awards

2014 Computers and Composition Award Recipients

The 2015 award recipients will be announced at the Computers and Writing Conference in 2016.

Hugh Burns Best Dissertation Award

CRYSTAL VANKOOTEN, Oakland University
Developing Meta-Awareness About Composition Through New Media In The First-Year Writing Classroom

Ellen Nold Best Article Award

CLAIRE LAUER, Arizona State University
“Expertise With New/Multi/Modal/Visual/Digital/Media Technologies Desired: Tracing Composition’s Evolving Relationship With Technology Through The MLA JIL,” Computers and Composition

Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award

JONATHAN ALEXANDER, University Of California, Irvine
JACQUELINE RHODES, California State University, San Bernardino
On Multimodality: New Media In Composition Studies, NCTE.

Charles Moran Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field

DICKIE SELFE, The Ohio State University

Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Scholarship Award

MEGAN FULWILER, The College of Saint Rose
JENNIFER MARLOW, The College of Saint Rose
"Con Job: Stories Of Adjunct And Contingent Labor," Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press.