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Gail E. Hawisher
Cynthia L. Selfe

Volume 10, Number 4, November 1993

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Letter from the Editors

Entries from a New E-Mail User's Notebook
Shirley Haley-James

Computers and Controversy
"Type Normal Like the Rest of Us": Writing, Power, and Homophobia in the Networked Composition Classroom
Alison Regan

Computers and Research
Network-Supported Interaction in Two Writing Classrooms
Michael E. Palmquist

Modeling the Student Writer's Acquisition of Word Processing Skills: The Interaction of Computer, Writing, and Language Media
Martha C. Pennington

Computers and Practice
Trying to Create a Community: A First Day Lesson Plan
Nick Carbone

Book Review
Re-Imaging Computers and Composition: Teaching and Research in the Virtual Age.
Reviewed by Joseph Janangelo

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