An international journal for teachers of writing


Gail E. Hawisher
Cynthia L. Selfe

Volume 9, Number 3, August 1992

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Editorial Board
Letter from the Editors
Computers and Research
Teachers in a Strange LANd: Learning to Teach in a Networked Writing Classroom
Elizabeth Klem and Charles Moran
Computers and Poetry
Diary Entry
Joe Amato

Time Machines
Joe Amato
Computers and Pedagogy
Sharing Authority: Collaborative Teaching in a Computer-Based Writing Course
Valerie Balester, Kay Halasek, and Nancy Peterson
Computers and Controversy
WANS, Connectivity, and Computer Literacy: An Introduction and Glosssary
Tharon Howard

Revision Worship and the Computer as Audience
Paul Heilker

We've Barely Started--And We've Already Done It Wrong: How Not to Start a Computer-Assisted Writing Classroom
David Harralson
Reviews and Announcements
Review of Writing on the Edge
Carolyn Handa

Software for Writing Centers
Birgit Scherer-Wiedmeyer

MINDWRITER/DESCANT Software for Invention: Organization and Peer Review
James H. Wilson

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