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Gail E. Hawisher
Cynthia L. Selfe

Volume 9, Number 1, November 1991

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Editorial Board
An Invitation from Our New Software Eidtor
Letter from the Editors

Something to Imagine: Literature, Composition and Interactive Fiction
Stuart Moulthrop, Nancy Kaplan

Computerized Invention for Composing: An Update and Review
Wallis May Andersen

Computers and Practice
Using What We Have
Charles Moran

Computers and Controversy
Technopower and Technoppression
Joseph Janangelo

Computers and Research
Word Processing and Writing Apprehension in First and Second Language Writers
Marianne Phinney

Revising On-line: Computer Technologies and the Revising Process
Charles A. Hill, David L. Wallace, Christina Hass

Reviews and Announcements
Review of Writing Space; The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing.
Joe Amato

Review of Writing with the Macintosh: Using Microsoft Word.
David M. Harralson

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