An international journal for teachers of writing

Cynthia L. Selfe
Kathleen E. Kiefer

Volume 2, no. 3, May 1985

Papers from the Special Interest Group CCCC 1984
by Herbert F. W. Stahlke, David S. Gadziola, Forrest T. Houlette, Bruce W. Hozesi, Linda Hanson Meeker, and Webster Newbold

English Skills Tutorials for Sentence Combining Practice
by Carol J. Falk

The Continuing Challenge: Computers and Writing
by JoAnne Zimmer

Computer-Assisted Writing Instruction at Weber State College
by Richard Jensen

Access: A Computer Composing Educational Software System
by Lillian Bridwell and Donald Ross

A Comparative Study of the First-Generation Invention Software
by Ellen McDaniel

A Bibliography of Text-Analysis and Writing-Instruction Software
by Ellen McDaniel

1007, Basic Writing and Reading
by John C. Thoms

Research of Uses of Computers in Composition
by Ruth Gardner and Jo McGinnis

by Charles Reinhart

The WARRANT Project
by David S. Kaufer, Cheryl Geiser, Christine Neuwirth and Preston Covey

Excerpts from Final Report of Research "Relationships of Admission Test Scores to Writing Performance of Native and Nonnative Speakers of English"
by Sybil B. Carlson, Brent Bridgeman, Roberta Camp, Janet Waanders

by John Dinan