An international journal for teachers of writing

Cynthia L. Selfe
Kathleen E. Kiefer
Gail E. Hawisher

Volume 5, no. 3, August 1988

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Word and Image
John Ruszkiewicz

Interactive Networking: Creating Bridges Between Speech, Writing, and Composition
Diane Thompson

How to Get the Words Just Right: A Reappraisal of Word Processing and Revision
Paul LeBlanc

Risk Taking, Revising, and Word Processing
Delores K. Schriner

Making DOS Accessible to First-Time Users
Gordon Thomas and Mark Levy

Computers & Controversy

Adams Sherman Hill Meets ENFI: An Inquiry and a Retrospective
Marshall Kremers


On Computers and Composition--Deborah H. Holdstein
Ken Autrey


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