An international journal for teachers of writing


Gail E. Hawisher
Cynthia L. Selfe

Volume 6, Number 2, April 1989

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Editorial Board
Letter from the Editors

How the Student Writer Adapts to Computers: A Flrst-Year Student Protocol
James Strickland

Computers and Commuters: A Computer-Intensive Program for Adults
Linda J. Stine

Word Processing: A Helpful Tool for Basic Writers
Craig Etchison

A Process of Composing with Computers
Timothy Weiss

Minicomputer Text-Editing in Upper-Division Cross-Disciplinary Courses
John Stenzel, Wes Ingram, and Linda Morris

Pros' Prose Meets WRITER'S WORKBENCH: Analysis of Typical Models for First-Year Writing Courses
James J. Garvey and David H. Lindstrom

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