An international journal for teachers of writing

Cynthia L. Selfe
Kathleen E. Kiefer

Volume 5, no. 1, November 1987

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Letter from the Editors


Minicomputers for a Microcomputer Lab?
David M. Dobrin

Compter-Mediated Group Writing in the Workplace
Janis Forman

Case Studies of Revision Aided by Keystroke Recording and Replaying Software
Jane Zeni Flinn

Programming Software to Trace the Composing Process
Jane Zeni Flinn

Composing and Computing by the Writer with Head Trauma
Ann Marie Malachowski

Book Review

Printout: Two at Random
Ken Autry

Software Reviews

Writing Style/Readability Checker to Add to Your Word-Processing
Tom Mortenson

Software Views: A Fistful of Word Processing Programs
Lee Roger Taylor