An international journal for teachers of writing


Gail E. Hawisher
Cynthia L. Selfe

Special Software Issue
Paul LeBlanc, Guest Editor

Volume 10, Number 1, November 1992

Cover Page Facsimile (50K)
Editorial Board
Letter from the Guest Editor
Paul LeBlanc

Choosing Software: What's Available and How to Evaluate It
Who Programmed This? Examining the Instructional Attitudes of Writing-Support Software
Fred Kemp

An Annotated Bibliography of Representative Software for Writers
James Strickland

NCTE Guidelines for Review and Evaluation of English Language Arts
NCTE Instructional Technology Committee

Evaluating Software: Some Expert Advice
Evaluating Software: What Thoreau Said to the Designer
Paul Taylor

Selecting Computer Software for Writing Instruction: Some Considerations
William Condon

Things to Consider when Evaluating Software
Molly Hepler

Perspectives on Software
Mary Ann Eiler

Reviewing Software
Userhome, Sweet Userhome: A Review of Novell's NETWARE
Marcia Curtis and Charlie Moran

Lady Falls Brown

Mark Amdahl

WRITER'S HELPER FOR WINDOWS: A Comprehensive Prewriting and Revising Program
Evelyn J. Posey

SEEN: Tutorials for Critical Reading
Keith Dorwick

HYPERCARD and the Extension of Writing
John M. Slatin

TOOLBOOK: A Hypermedia Authoring Program
Ron Fortune

STORYSPACE: A Deep and Welcomed Emptiness
Peggy Mulvihill

Computer-Aided Publishing: Focusing on Documents
Patricia Sullivan

Contextualizing Software
Forum: A Conversation about Software, Technology, and Composition Studies
Steve Haney, Molly Hepler, Doug Short, Kim Richardson, Hugh Burns, Dimitri Korhanis, Cynthia Selfe, Gail Hawisher, Paul LeBlanc

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