An international journal for teachers of writing

Cynthia L. Selfe
Kathleen E. Kiefer

Volume 5, no. 2, April 1988

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Letter from the Editors


Research Update: Writing and Word Processing
Gail Hawisher

The Computer and the Inexperienced Writer
Christine A. Hult

Team Planning a Computerized Technical Writing Course
Chris Madigan and Scott P. Sanders

The Effects of a Full-Service Computer Room on Student Writing
Richard Stracke

Word Processing in the Business and Technical Writing Classroom
Timothy Weiss

Computers & Controversy

Grandfather & Computers
Alan Peterson


Printout: Textbooks for Writing with Computers
Ken Autrey

Book Review

Computer-Assisted Composition: Create Your Own
Barbara L. Cambridge

Software Review

A FAIR Response to Student Writing
Stephen Hopkins and Earl Youngs


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