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Gail E. Hawisher
Cynthia L. Selfe

Volume 7, Number 3, August 1990

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Editorial Board
Letter from the Editors

Towards the Metapersonal Essay: Exploring the Potential of Hypertext in the Composition Class
Anne DiPardo & Mike DiPardo

Annotated Bibliography of Resources in Computer Networking
Mark Mabrito

Poem: Battle with a Little Green Light
Donna Cheney

Poem: Linda Writes
Donna Cheney

Computers and Pedagogy
Electronic Bulletin Boards: A Timeless Place for Collaborative Writing Projects
Diane Thompson

Computers and Research
Students' Editing Skills and Attitudes Toward Word Processing
Elana Joram, Earl Woodruff, Peter Lindsay, & Mary Bryson
Computers and Controversy
Computer Teachers Respond to Halio
John Slatin, Trent Batson, Robert Boston, Michael E. Cohen, Louie Crew, Lester Faigley, Lisa Gerrard, Gail Hawisher, Edward M. Jennings, Michael Joyce, Nancy Kaplan, Stuart Moulthrop, Rose Norman, John O'Connor, Cynthia Selfe, Geoff Sirc, Michael Spitzer, Patricia Sullivan, Robert Woodward, Art Young

Computers and Student Writing: Maiming the Macintosh (A Response)
Steven Youra

Other Ways of Seeing
Nancy Kaplan & Stuart Moulthrop

Maiming Re-Viewed
Marcia Peoples Halio

Reviews and Announcements
Instructional Software for the Introductory Composition Classroom: One Teacher's Review and Recommendations
Debbie D 'Aoust

Review of Society and Technological Change
Ellen Barton

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