An international journal for teachers of writing

Cynthia L. Selfe
Kathleen E. Kiefer

Volume 2, no. 4, August 1985

is a joint publication of Colorado State University
and Michigan Technological University, and follows
the NCTE guidelines for non-sexist language.

Copyright 1985 ISSN 8755-4615

Michigan Technological University and Colorado State University are
equal opportunity educational institutions/equal opportunity employers.

Editorial Board

Letter from the Editors


The Confessions of Professor Strangelove; Or, an Apology for Literacy
Schwartz, H. J.

Who's Making the Decisions--People or Machines?
Etchison, C.

Microcomputers and Writing
Sommers, E. A. and Collins, J. L.

The Effects of Word Processing on the Quality of Writing: Fact or Illusion?
McAllister, C. H.

Computer-Assisted ESL Research and Courseware Development
Dalgish, G. M.

Fighting in the Computer Revolution: A Field Report From the Walking Wounded
Selfe, C. L. and Wahlstrom, B. J.

Book Review:
Printout: Reviews of Noteworthy Books
Autry, K.

Software Review:

PC-WRITE: Quality Word Processing at a Price That's Hard to Beat
Waddell, C.


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