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The Writing Lab Newsletter

The Writing Lab Newsletter is an informal monthly publication for those who direct or tutor in writing labs and language skills centers. Articles, announcements, columns, and reviews of materials focus on topics in tutoring writing. For those who wish to join the newsletter group, a yearly donation of $7.50 U.S. ($12.50/yr. for Canadians) to defray printing and mailing costs would be appreciated. Please make checks payable to Purdue University. Send requests to join, checks, and manuscripts for the newsletter to

Muriel Harris, Editor
Writing Lab Newsletter
Dept. of English
Purdue University
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Microcomputers in Education Conference

The College of Education at Arizona State University will be hosting the ninth annual Microcomputers in Education Conference, March 6-8,1989 on the universty campus in Tempe, Arizona.

The title of the conference is "Interactive Technology: Unlocking Education's Connection to the Future." The conference will emphasize practical applications as well as demonstrate an exciting future for technology in education.

Please send applications to present concurrent sessions to

Maurene Miller-Gerson
Microcomputers in Education Conference
AMF-Community Services at Papago Park
Tempe, Arizona 85287-0908

The deadline for submitting applications is November 15, 1988.