1(3), May 1984, page 6

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RESUME WRITER is a computer software program that offers students assistance with writing their resumes. The program asks for information in all the appropriate categories (identification, job objective, education, work experience, publications)--using MLA format, and references, plus the option of having up to twelve other sections and then formats the user's options into a resume ready to print out. To assist the user there are on-screen help menus, a provision to save information on a work disk for later use, and a 42-page manual containing sample resumes. Various sections of the resume can be customized to the individual user's need, and printing format can be changed.

The program runs on an Apple II+ and IIe, with 48K Applesoft BASIC, and one or more disk drives. It is presently configured for the Epson, NEC, and Star Gemini printers and can be modified for other printers as well. Owners can make their own back-up copies of the disk. For purposes of previewing, prospective purchasers can request an information packet which includes sample screens and resume outputs. The cost of the program is $100 (including shipping costs), a price that can be guaranteed only until June 1, 1984. Order from Datametricks, Inc., 108 Mohawk Lane, West Lafayette, IN 47906 (317-463-1172).

SEEK & FIND is a menu-driven program for all ages that creates anagrams like those found in national magazines. The program generates puzzles from simple 3X3's to far more elaborate ones. It also supplies solutions and requires a printer.

COMPUTERS and COMPOSITION 1(3), May 1984, page 7

SEEK & FIND is available at $19.95 from Quest Software, Suite 100R, 9 N. Main Street, Lombard, IL 60148.